Research Synthesis on Screening and Assessing Social-Emotional Competence

Why is social-emotional competence important? Research consistently shows that children with strong social and emotional skills do better in school while children with social or emotional difficulties struggle. Thus, screening for needs in this developmental area is needed to best support children for both school and life readiness.

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A Classroom-Wide Model of Promoting Social Emotional Development & Addressing Challenging Behavior in Preschool Children

The first randomized study examining outcomes associated with the Pyramid Model was conducted within public school classrooms enrolling preschool children with disabilities in Florida and Tennessee.

  • Teachers in the experimental condition who received training and coaching demonstrated statistically significant differences in their implementation of Pyramid Model practices.
  • Children enrolled in the experimental classrooms implementing the Pyramid Model demonstrated statistically significant differences in their social skills.
  • Target children in the experimental classrooms had statistically significant reductions in problem behavior.

View the full report here, or view this PowerPoint presentation created by Dr. Hemmeter to learn more about the study results.