Org Chart

State Leadership Team

Supports scale-up and sustainability, writes policies and procedures, and oversees the budget.

Master Cadre

Coaching responsibilities: Provides support for program-wide implementation of Pyramid Model practices including creation of site leadership team, completing site Benchmarks of Quality and site action plan. Conducts TPOT/TPITOS pre and post assessments. If needed, can also provide coaching for site staff, schedule and prepare on-going meetings with teachers to set goals based on TPOT/TPITOS scores, support implementation of goals and increasing fidelity of practices. Submit coaching logs to NV TACSEI.

Training responsibilities: Advertise for TACSEI trainings; obtain all Nevada Registry approvals and submit all Registry forms, and provide on-going training in the community, at relevant early childhood events and interested sites.


  • Community Training and Coaching
  • Scale-up and Sustainability
  • Parent Engagement

Implementation Sites

Leadership Teams can have members from both inside and outside of a program. Leadership Team members can consist of, but are not limited to: Administrator, Internal Coach, Classroom Teacher, Evaluation Coordinator, Behavior Specialists, Family Representative

  • Administrator Functions – Program administrators can fill multiple roles on the site Leadership team and are essential to the sustainability of Pyramid Model practices.
  • Internal Coach Functions –Coach employed by the program or agency who guides the adoption of the Pyramid model at the classroom level.
  • Classroom Teacher Functions – Input from teaching staff is essential for all practices involved in the Pyramid Model.
  • Evaluation Coordinator Functions – Individual designated to collect and submit program data to the Nevada TACSEI Evaluation Coordinator. Support will be given to the individual in this role.
  • Behavior Specialist Functions – An internal or external person identified to support secondary and tertiary behavior support for children exhibiting challenging behavior.
  • Family Representative Functions – One or more family representative must be on the Leadership Team. This can be a parent or any other caregiver of a child enrolled in the program. Past parents are not eligible to participate.