NV TACSEI Trainings

Nevada TASCEI Trainings

Nevada TACSEI Trainers conduct workshops on Pyramid Model modules for early childhood educators throughout the year. The Nevada TACSEI Training Brochure describes the content of the various trainings that are available.

For sites interested in beginning the Program-Wide Implementation process, below is a comprehensive list of Nevada TACSEI trainings. All trainings are not recommended for all sites, however programs are encouraged to refer to the below list in planning program-wide professional development. All TACSEI Module trainings are held in-person. Please contact your regional TACSEI coordinator for more information on availability of specific trainings.

Training # of Modules/Days Who Attends Purpose
Preschool Modules 4 Modules All program staff Modules focus on Pyramid Model practices for preschoolers


Infant/Toddler   Modules 4 Modules Infant/toddler  program staff Modules focus on Pyramid Model practices for infants and toddlers


Pre-K Parent      Modules 6 Modules Families caring for preschool aged  children Modules focus on Pyramid Model practices for parents/families of preschool-aged children


Infant/Toddler      Parent Modules 2 Modules Families caring for infants and toddlers Modules focus on Pyramid Model practices for parents/families of infants and toddlers


Program-Wide Implementation 3 Days Site Leadership     Team Guide programs in methods and strategies to create program-wide adoption and sustainability of Pyramid Model practices


Nevada TACSEI   Coaches Training 1 Day Internal coach Build internal coaching capacity on-site


Behavioral Support Training 1 Day                          (with additional         post-training follow-     up support) Site behavioral  support person Develop internal capacity for tertiary behavioral support


TPOT/TPITOS 1 Day External or internal coaches Gain understanding of Pyramid Model assessment measures and the ability to perform internal TPOT/TPITOS assessment