Nevada Pyramid Model Partnership trainers offer a variety of trainings on the Pyramid Model. All Module Trainings were created by The Center on the Social Emotional Early Foundations of Learning (CSEFEL).

Orientation to the Pyramid Model

The Orientation presentation is an overview of all three modules and provides a starting-point for those interested in learning more about the Pyramid Model and the Nevada Pyramid Model.

Infant Training Modules

Visit Infant modules This set of 3 training modules includes facilitator guides, trainer scripts, PowerPoint Slides, participant handout, and training video clips for supporting early care and education providers who work with children birth – 2 years old and their families.

Preschool Modules

Visit preschool modules-This set of 3 training modules and includes facilitator guides, trainer scripts, PowerPoint Slides, participant handouts, and training video clips for supporting early care and education providers. These modules are intended for those who work with children 2 – 5 years old and their families.

Module 1 (Tier I) Universal Supports for all children
  • Building Positive Relationships
  • Creating Supportive Environments
  • Schedules, Routines, and Transitions
  • Teaching Classroom Expectations
  • Using Positive Feedback and Encouragement

The trainings in Module 1 focus on initial strategies to the support children’s social emotional development and to prevent challenging behaviors.

Module 2 (Tier 2) Targeted Social Emotional Strategies
  • Teaching Social Emotional Skills: Why, When, How, and What
  • Identifying Feelings in Self and Others
  • Developing Friendship Skills
  • Controlling Anger & Impulse

The trainings in Module 2 focus on teaching social emotional skills to young children, helping them understand their feelings, and providing opportunities for children to practice these skills.

Module 3 (Tier 3) Intensive Interventions for Children with Persistent, Challenging Behaviors

The trainings in Module 3 are only available upon completion of Modules 1 & 2, as it is necessary for Tier 1 & Tier 2 strategies to be implemented with fidelity in order for Tier 3 interventions to be effective.

Parent Training Modules/Family Tools

Visit Parent Training Modules/Family Tools -A series of six modules aimed to help professionals work with parents to promote positive and effective parenting behaviors that build children’s social and emotional development and address challenging behavior and mental health needs.

In addition to offering training on the Pyramid Model, Nevada TACSEI coaches are available to assist centers who demonstrate an interest and who meet readiness criteria in implementing the Pyramid Model program-wide. See NVTACSEI Sites for more information.

All classes are NV Registry approved. There is no cost for Pyramid Model trainings.

Please contact the Nevada Registry  or  visit the The Children’s Cabinet website for upcoming Pyramid Model training opportunities by click here

The Children’s Cabinet:

Northern Nevada: Liz Roldan (775) 856-0100 or (775) 856-6200

Southern Nevada: Amanda Harding (702) 825-8978