Nevada Policies

So, what does this mean for Nevada?

Nevada is committed to supporting programs to address this need and eliminate the use of suspensions and expulsions in preschool settings. The Nevada Early Childhood Advisory Council adopted a policy statement reflecting this commitment in 2016. Please click here for Nevada’s policy statement on preschool suspension and expulsion.

So, what does this mean for early childhood programs?

In 2019, the Division of Welfare and Social Services (DWSS) added to this commitment by supporting implementation of programming for early education programs accepting childcare subsidy. Please click here for the DWSS policy on preschool suspension and expulsion.

As a part of this commitment, DWSS held several public meetings. Please click here for access to all meeting agendas and minutes regarding preschool expulsion policy.

The purpose of all of this work is to provide early childhood programs with a system of support to effectively prevent and address challenging behavior in young children. Please visit our Program Support page for a detailed description of the types of support provided.