Model demonstration sites are programs that have made a commitment to Nevada TACSEI to implement the Pyramid Model program-wide. These sites are meant to serve as exemplars of the Pyramid Model in action.


Potential model demonstration sites are recruited through a variety of methods; recruitment announcements on the Nevada TACSEI website, Nevada TACSEI Interest cards distributed at Nevada TACSEI training workshops, and through personal contact with early childhood education programs who complete training on all the Pyramid Model modules.

NV TACSEI aims to be flexible and can accommodate diverse needs of ECE providers. Providers can include, but are not limited to: childcare centers, school district pre-k, Head Start, faith-based pre-k, Home-based care, etc. If interested in implementing the Pyramid Model, contact a TACSEI coordinator.

Selection Criteria

Nevada TACSEI provides support to sites interested in program-wide implementation. A program that is ready to begin implementation has the following characteristics:

  • Is a high-quality early childhood education program
  • Has consistent staff
  • Is an inclusive program that serves children with diverse needs.
  • Has administrative support for program-wide implementation.
  • Provides evidence that 80% of the program staff support implementing the Pyramid Model program-wide.
  • Agrees that preventing and addressing children’s challenging behavior is a top priority for the program


Programs selected to become Nevada TACSEI Implementation sites must:

  • Maintain a high quality early childhood program and have administrative support for program-wide implementation
  • Have consistent staff with little turnover (must have at least one stable classroom with an experienced teacher)
  • Be an inclusive program that serves children with diverse needs. This is determined through existing written policies that demonstrate inclusion of children with diverse needs (e.g., handbook or policy and procedures manual)
  • Provide evidence that at least 80% of program staff support implementing the Pyramid Model program-wide
  • Agree that preventing and addressing children’s challenging behavior is a top priority for the program
  • Establish a site leadership team that meets monthly and includes key program stakeholders. The site-based leadership team will collaborate with TACSEI staff to develop a local implementation plan and ensure that the project moves forward
    • The Leadership Team consists of, at a minimum, an administrator, internal coach, lead teacher, evaluation coordinator, family representative, and staff member with expertise in behavior support. It is possible that individuals may serve more than one role
  • Have someone on staff who can serve as an internal coach for the program
  • Participate in evaluation and self-assessment activities
  • Be willing to collect and share de-identified data with Nevada TASCSEI as requested on a monthly and bi-annual basis
  • Be willing to make changes to teaching and administrative practice as well as physical changes to the environment
  • Commit to implementing Pyramid Model practices as an implementation site for two years after completion of training
  • Work collaboratively with the TACSEI staff and external coach to ensure adoption of the Pyramid Model program-wide
  • Select individuals to attend extensive training. All program staff must complete all Pyramid Model training modules (this can either be an intensive 3-4 day training, or can occur in shorter segments over time)
  • Allow for observation by others, obtaining the appropriate confidentiality statements and permissions

Phases of Implementation

When sites commit to implementing Pyramid Model practices, the Program-Wide Implementation process begins. Upon commitment to the Pyramid Model and Nevada TACSEI, sites will move through phases of implementation. Transition between phases is intended to be fluid, thus, components within each phase may overlap. As sites progress through the phases of implementation and increase their fidelity, they can achieve Model Demonstration site status. Model Demonstration sites are meant to serve as exemplars of the Pyramid Model in action. See Nevada TACSEI Phases of Implementation for a summary of each phase.

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