What is Nevada TACSEI Coaching?

Ongoing coaching is necessary to support early childhood educators and parents in implementing the Pyramid Model to fidelity. For programs committed to implementing Pyramid Model practices at the program-wide level, Nevada TACSEI can provide external coaching support.

Program-wide implementation of the Pyramid Model requires two kinds of coaches; an external coach who is part of the Nevada TACSEI team and an internal coach who is a staff member of the program that will be implementing the Pyramid Model onsite.

  • External Coach – Coach not employed by the program or agency who is in the role of guiding and building internal capacity for Pyramid Model Leadership and the sustaining of practices program-wide.
  • Internal Coach – Coach employed by the program or agency who is a leadership team member and participates in the adoption of the Pyramid model at the classroom level.

The goal of the Coaching process is to provide mentorship to classroom teachers and administrators. Coaching is to focus on supporting teachers to refine and become fluent in a particular set of skills, beginning with the basics with practices gradually becoming more complex. Nevada TACSEI coaching is grounded in a positive collaboration between coach and teacher and is never to be evaluative.

Read this document to learn about the Roles and Responsibilities of a Nevada TACSEI Pyramid Model Coach.