Lamb of God Preschool

TACSEI at Lamb of God Preschool

Lamb of God Preschool is a private Christian school located in the Northwest part of Las Vegas. Our children range from 2-5 years of age. We use Core Knowledge Sequence as the curriculum for our school. Children learn through play and hands on experiences. Teachers incorporate fun themes into the curriculum to make the learning environment fun. We support their social-emotional needs and growth by using both Love and Logic and the TACSEI Pyramid Model. Our school started to participate as an implementation site for TACSEI in September 2014. Two of our six classes have now completed coaching and training in the Pyramid Model. Teachers have reported a significant decrease in behavior problems within the classrooms. The children are calmer and are proud when they find solutions to problems. Communication among children, teachers and parents has heightened. Parents are asking teachers for advice to use at home that will reflect what we use in the classroom.  The ability of children to express their emotions has helped teachers with their own emotions. Teachers are less stressed and have more time to enjoy productive time with the children. We have really enjoyed putting TACSEI into practice and are excited to continue with coaching until we are a school-wide TACSEI implementation site.

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